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Find Your Ideal Executive Recruiter


A Better Way to Find Your Executive Recruiter

Finding the right executive recruiter for your company's next executive hire can be a daunting task.  Recruiter Finder can help you find the most qualified recruiter for your specific search using our proprietary algorithms based on an anonymized data set from over 100,000 searches.   



Complimentary for Companies

The Recruiter Finder service is complimentary for companies, and there's no obligation to engage any of the recommended recruiters.

Proprietary algorithms match you to the right recruiter for your search needs

Leveraging Proprietary Algorithm for Precision

Our proprietary algorithm and industry analysis will identify executive recruiters that have demonstrated success in projects similar to yours. Recruiter Finder takes into account multiple factors, such as industry expertise and track record, to deliver recommendations that align with your specific needs.


Introductions to Executive Recruiters

Our concierge service will introduce you to the shortlist of recruiters who match your requirements. You will have the opportunity to evaluate and then engage with a recruiter directly, giving you complete control over the decision-making process. 

Data on over 100,000 searches powers our recommendation engine

Experience the Recruiter Finder Advantage

Benefit from our seamless and data-driven approach to finding an executive search recruiter. Contact us today for a free consultation.

I don’t know why every company wouldn’t come to you first for this analysis before every search project.

General Partner, SHIFT. Creative Solutions

It's a key hire and I can't afford to make a mistake. This report gives me the confidence that I'm getting the right search firm.

CEO, Byte Foods